a-writer.com Review

Review of essay writing service a-writer.com

A-writer.com is one of the essay writing services that has some experience under their belts when it comes to writing essays. They can write on any level and they also can write on a variety of different subjects. One of the best things about A Writer is the fact that they even offer A Writer discounts to their first time customers which can come in handy due to the fact that the rates they charge are very pricey when compared to some of the other essay writing services that are on the market right now.

One thing that does have us puzzled, however, is the fact that A Writer has been in business so long but they do not seem to have any reviews showing up under reviews of custom essay writing services. Also, they have no A Writer reviews on their website, a-writer.com, nor do they have any reviews of A Writer anywhere on the web for that matter. This is quite surprising to us due to the fact of all the benefits of A Writer that are advertised yet at the same time it is not a surprise due to their high prices.

Overall, we have no way to verify whether or not A Writer is a scam. However, we feel as though if they were a scam someone may have out-ed them. One of our scenarios as to what is going on with this company is that no one has used them because of their high prices or if someone did use them they were ashamed that they paid so much for an essay after seeing other essay writing services that had been verified for cheaper prices and quality work.  We do not discourage you from using A Writer but you should check into some other options as well.