Review of Essay Writing Service

Best Essay Writing seems to have been around for many years. Although they do not claim to be the oldest website, it appears as though they are. We are aware of many other essay writing services and have a good feel for how long a company as been online. They appear to be in the ten year range concerning how long they have been online.

The website is well designed but it is a bit crowded. Too much information is presented on the homepage all at once. It makes it feel like a long sales page more familiar for an e-book. They need to divide up the homepage into a few different pages. We feel many potential customers will not be able to find the information they are trying to find quickly enough.

Although the navigation menu is well laid out, we feel more choices are in order. Since the home page delivers way too much information at once, it needs to be broken up. Once it is broken up into additional pages, the navigation menu needs to have those links in it. The choices in the current menu are well thought out and concise in their meaning.

The verbiage on the website is professionally written, but once again it needs to be split up. Their services are clear, concise, and to the point. Once the potential customer is able to locate the information, they will not have any problem understanding what the company will deliver.

Overall, we don’t have any hesitation to recommend Best Essay Writing’s services. Although their website needs a few improvements, their services are clearly defined.