Review of essay writing service

Custom Essays Plus is a reliable and professional essay writing service that is currently known as Blue Ocean Editing. The business is run by an individual by the name of Katherine Barton who has over fifteen years of experience and also holds a bachelors as well as a master’s degree. Currently, she only does essay writing but by using her editing services you can make sure that your essay is perfect before you submit it to your teacher.

It seems as though Katherine Barton has been running this editing service since 2009 and has had a lot of success this far. All of the reviews about Blue Ocean Editing state nothing but positive things even though none of her customer says anything about receiving a Blue Ocean Editing discount.

Katherine Barton takes pride in being able to say that she did not write a paper for a student but just made sure that their words came out correctly. Also, she guarantees that all of her customers will be satisfied 100%. Also, even though Blue Ocean Editing may not have a ton of benefits and features Blue Ocean Editing reviews have lead us to believe that the main benefit of using this editing writing service is the fact that only one person does the work. Students particularly like this due to the fact that they know for a fact that their work is not just being outsourced to anyone. Instead Katherine Barton is the one making sure that they receive a well edited copy of their document. Not to mention the fact that the custom essay writing reviews mention the Katherine Barton is 100% certified for this type of work and she is highly recommended by anyone who uses her services.

Overall, after reading over all of the different reviews and checking out the website we feel as though Blue Ocean Editing is 100% legit and not a scam or a fraud editing service.