Review of Essay Writing Service

Custom Papers is one of the essay writing services that feels that they are better than the rest. They have been in business for quite some time. But, they tell you that all of your editors, proofreaders and writers will not have a native English tongue. They may not lie to you about this which is good they tell you upfront but the quality of their work is something that some people may question. Not to mention the fact that they give you no clue as to how much their services run in general nor do they have a Custom Papers discount available either from what we were able to gather from their website.

Some things that are on their website left us to being a little confused. For instance, they say never pay any money when you submit and assignment with us then later they say one of the benefits of Custom Papers is their money back guarantee.

Based on the reviews of essay writing service it seems as though they get a regular amount of business yet not as much as the normal essay writing service that has been in business for as long as they have should be receiving. Also, review of essay writing company makes us believe that they have some regular customers so it does not seem like they are a scam or a fraud. However, when we look at review of essay writing company we feel as though it is strange it is hard to find their name amongst other essay writing service. Not to mention the fact that they also did not make the top list according to the review of custom essay writing service.

Overall, if you are okay with people of other languages writing your essay writing this may be a good essay writing service for you.