Review of Essay Writing Service

Essay Online seems to be a company that has been around for a while. Since they do not have any claim on their website about the year the company it was created, we feel like it is a company that has been around the block a time or two.

Their website is well designed. The graphics are sharp and appear to have been designed by a professional designer. The only draw back to their website itself is the design appears to me somewhat dated and based on a content management system template. Although the template is high quality, a few changes need to be made. The middle column is too narrow making the entire site seems constrained. A new fresh and crisp design should be undertaken soon.

The explanations of the services and products they offer are written professionally too. There is not any broken English or sentences which do not make any sense. It appears to have been written by a native English writer and speaker.

The website’s navigation system is also well laid out. The menu choices are concise and to the point. When the customer arrives at the site, it is simple to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Once the customer has reviewed the information they seek, it is a simple process to order from Essay Online. Unlike other essay writing services, they have thought through their ordering process. They want their customers to have an easy way to place an order and receive their finish product.

Overall, we would recommend Essay Online. Although their website could use a quick re-design, we feel they deliver a quality product. There is an entire page of customer’s testimonials on their website. This is a benefit of the company. They have been around for a while and deliver a quality product.