Essay Writing Industry Overview for the Month of November 2012

November Updates from Essay Writing ServicesStory To College recently launched their new eight-point essay checklist tool for high school students who are applying for college. Guidance counselors and admissions officers can also use this tool to help students work through their admissions essays. The company has focused on connecting students with top colleges for some time, and helps them to produce quality written work so that they’re able to succeed in the admissions process. just announced a new fall deal that promises a 20 percent discount for all first-time students who use the service. Students can enter a code when they check out, and receive 20 percent off their total. Since this is one of numerous services that hire people with a PhD or MA, represents a real change in the industry. Students are migrating to organizations that provide them with the best-written work that they can source to professionals. Most students will no longer stand for sub-par writing, and will take their business elsewhere if they’re given anything questionable. has launched a new website, and aims to promote college writing and editing services to both new and established students. The company claims to take customer service extremely seriously, and has a staff that comes with a great deal of experience. They seem to truly want to make sure that each student is happy with the work that they’re provided. Despite the new site, the organization has actually been around for 15 years thus far. They have a track record that proves that they’re not another fly-by-night business.

Author Lee Alfred has illustrated that while essay writing can be extremely difficult, having access to the correct tools for the job will change that up. Anyone with a little appropriate training can learn to write, and having an example essay is often enough to teach someone the writing skills that they need to change their style. Style is becoming increasingly important, as people want to prove themselves different than other writers. With the massive amount of written work published each day, that’s becoming a more difficult task each day.

The Custom Essay Service is announcing something rather unique. Most sales work around numbers that can be easy to fathom, but they’ve decided to buck the system and offer pupils a 21 percent discount. First time customers will receive this cost cut when they enter a specific code at check out time. While this might not seem like much, it may be enough to create a significant amount of buzz and help the Custom Essay Service to stand out against a background littered with numerous other writing services that promise to offer similar services.

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