Review of Essay Writing Service

Essay Writing is a United Kingdom based essay writing service. They claim to have been around twelve years and we have to reason to think otherwise. Their telephone number is prominently displayed along with a contact page. With their long history, the exude confidence and trustworthiness from the moment a potential customer arrives on their website.

Their website is nicely laid out with a modern and crisp design. They seem to want to instill confidence in their company from the first moment. The navigation system clearly and quickly identifies the areas of the website customers would be looking for. The copy on the page is professionally and concisely written. It does not waste any words in getting their point across that they are a professional essay writing company.

Their prices are also in line with the industry norm. Although their services seem to be above average, they try to keep their prices competitive. Once their customers find exactly the information they seek, that service is clearly defined. The customer will know exactly what the company intends to provide to them at a glance.

The ordering process is accessible from multiple locations throughout the website. On the home page, the customer can go right to it and order their service. This is particularly handy for returning customers since they probably already know the service they need. For new customers, they can quickly assess the right service they desire through the top navigation menu. Once on that page, it explains the service and offers and easy one click ordering process.

Overall, Essay Writing Service seems to be a five star essay writing service. Their website is well laid out, the navigation system is excellent, their services clearly explained, and the ordering process in straight forward. We have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone form high school students to doctoral candidates.