Review of Essay Writing Service

Essay Writing Service appears to be an essay writing company which has been around for a number of years. After we browsed their site for a minute, we saw their claim they started writing essays in 1999 and have served over fifteen thousand customers. Although we have no reason to doubt their claim, we think it might be inflated. If their claims are correct, their one hundred twenty writers they claim to have would have to write one hundred papers each every year. Their claims may be true and we do not have any way to verify them.

Their website is of medium quality. It is well laid out but it has a sort of ‘old school’ feel to it. Today’s websites have much more white space whereas their website does not. The website could benefit from a newly designed website. Of course, the website’s ‘feel’ lends credibility to their claim they have been around twelve years.

The navigation menus are clearly visible and provide quick assess to all of the relevant information a potential customer would be seeking. With one click, the potential customer can view their prices, place an order, or view the details of the services they provide. We feel most potential customers would find it refreshing who easy their navigation is.

The verbiage on the website is well written. There is no reason not to believe the writers of the website are not native English speakers. If the samples that are available through the home page navigation system are read, every one is well written also. We believe this lends further credibility to the company.

Overall, we don’t have any hesitation in recommending their services. The 120 writers they claim to have on staff are believable and fits in nicely with their other claims. We feel they are committed to quality.