Review of Essay Writing Service

Prime seems to be one of the oldest essay writing services that is currently online today. They claim to have started as an essay writing company in 2003. With their telephone number clearly presented and their live online chat prominently displayed on their homepage, it lends a lot of credibility to their claims. We do not have any reason to dispute their claims and believe they are quite accurate.

Their website is probably the very best website we have seen in the essay writing service. It is very modern, crisp and well designed. A professional must have been hired to create it. Nothing in the ay of design is spared. The website itself is so well done; it makes their entire essay writing service seem light years ahead of their competition.

The navigation menu is also state of the art. It is expertly designed and easy to follow. Customers will find it as one of the easiest to navigate. We definitely found it a pleasure to use it. There is absolutely no confusion where each menu choice will end up. The words describe where the viewer will be going with each link.

The copy on the website is also expertly written. A true professional not only wrote it, but also proof read it. There are not any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling that we found. Once again, it lends itself to the credibility of the company as a whole.

Overall, we felt this was the best essay writing service that we are aware of. We rate them a five star service. They are top of the line not only in writing but at making every potential customer. We truly believe this essay writing company delivers probably the very best quality available. It is excellent to see a company that tries, and does, excel at every aspect of their business.