Essay Service Review

Same Day Essay Overview

The name of this site says exactly what their mission is—they want to get their customers an essay on the day they order it. This is no easy task, but apparently is up for the challenge. The entire site is structured around the timeliness of their guarantee, and they promise that they will get an essay to their customer by the end of the day. They say that when they commit to taking an order they guarantee that the paper will get to the customer within that timeframe, and this is certainly a tough thing to guarantee but that is what they do!

Editorial Rating

I was at first skeptical of Same Day Essay because it sounds very difficult to always get an essay to the customer within the same day. After going over the site, though, I am a believer. They guarantee that if they take the order they will finish it, and they have remained successful for so long because they stay true to that promise. This promise extends to all of their custom essay writing services, which include resume writing, term paper completion, and assistance with all essays. They are able to get all of these products to their customers on the same day, and this is an impressive feat that many students could certainly use.

Customers Same Day Essay Rating

The concept of a writing service that promises to deliver a paper on the same day is suspicious to say the least, but their loyal customers are far from suspicious! So many customers come back because they know there is only one place to go when they need an essay done that day, and customers give great reviews because this site offers more than a timely paper. They have professional writers with advanced degrees who can take care of any paper in a short amount of time, and with their revision process they still stand by the quality of the paper.

Other Reviews

Sites that offer best essay writing services review were very skeptical of the claims made by SameDayEssay, but after they did their own research they determined that it is a very legitimate service. Offering essays on the same day as an order can appear to be a gimmick, but it is more like a solution! Other reviewers enjoyed the layout of the website and the way that all of the necessary information was conveyed on the home page. They even include a sidebar with testimonials to show prospective customers just how great their services are.

Is Same Day Essay a Scam?

Based on their promise to always deliver a timely essay on the same day, falling short of that promise would certainly constitute a fraud. However, that is not the case, and customers can feel very confident when they place an essay order at this site. They have very low prices that get better for repeat customers with the benefits of SameDayEssay, and after the first order they say that they will send you a coupon. This is far from a scam, so for students looking for immediate help with essays this is without a doubt the site that they should go to.