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Review of

Best Essays has been in the essay writing business since 1997. They have a ton of professional and highly skilled essay writers to help each and every student exceed their expectations when it comes to school. is an established site however it seems that they have a ton of things going on that may be distracting on their website as well. For example, when you first arrive to the main page it is very easy for one to become distracted due to all of the different sections. But, overall the website covers everything and lets students know what they can expect when they use their essay writing service. has affordable prices and also has discounts available to students who need custom essay writing. When someone places and order with they automatically qualify for a discount and also the more they order the better discounts can be received also. When students inquire with customer service representatives they will also find out about how they can qualify for discounts and they will always be treated with the upmost respect.

BestEssays offers a variety of different services that students can find useful to them. Some of the services that they provide are listed below:

  • Resume Services- Best Essays provides a variety of different resumes services including, yet not limited to, resume writing, resume editing and cover letters
  • Editing services- provides a variety of different editing services including, yet not limited to, formatting and proofreading
  • Assignments- essay writers are also qualified to do assignments for students as well. Some of their different services include, but are not limited to, PowerPoint presentations and multiple choice questions.
  • Writing Services¬†– Best Essays offers a wide variety of writing services to students. Some of their writing services include yet is not limited to, custom essays, term papers, research papers and lab reports.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Services- are known for writing amazing custom essays yet they also do quite well in the dissertation and thesis department also. Some of their dissertation and thesis services include, yet are not limited to, thesis proposals, thesis and research proposals.