Review of Essay Writing Service

The Pensters seem to be a new essay writing service that was recently created. Since they do not claim to be an essay writing service that has been around for years, we believe they are a new entry into the field.

Their website, located at, is very well designed. It has a fresh and crisp design with easy navigation. The graphics are top of the line and well designed also. Although the website is modern, well designed, and has easy navigation, many of the verbiage on the page seems like it was not written by a native English writer. It seems like the writer has a basic knowledge of the English language, they do not have much experience with speaking it.

Many of the sentences read like broken English. For example, this is the first sentence on their website: “Only here you can select the most preferable writer for completion of your custom paper based on his rating, bid and customers` feedback.” Although the sentence makes some sense, it was definitely not written or spoken by a native English speaker.

The Pensters has an area where anyone can become one of their writers. We don’t know if they vet their writers or to what degree they do so, we have real concerns about the quality of their delivered product. Since their website has broken English and poor sentence structure through out, we question the integrity of the entire site.

Overall, the Pensters website is great and is well designed by today’s standards. Whoever designed their website did an outstanding job. The real problem is the words on the website. It is not well written and appears to be written by a non-native English writer. We would not recommend their services or products to anyone. We feel they may just recycle old and used papers which may harm their customers in the future.